Monday, February 25, 2013

Your Own Mastery In The Jungle

This is a guest post by Ben Bergman

“We can go on and on about whom the real masters of fitness and conditioning. Some say decathletes, others go for a specific athlete in a sport, wrestlers, gymnasts or acrobats but who are the defining masters of the art of conditioning? In my humble opinion it’s the wild animal. Think about it; bears, apes, wild cats, reptiles and all sorts of animals are the masters over any human being and why? Forget how they’re structured but look at how powerful they need to be in order to survive and the strength they possess is just off the charts.

Animal Training is essential because of how we learn to move our bodies. It’s in our DNA to be strong, vital and endure certain aspects of life. Movement is a key ingredient so we can help rebuild, regenerate and gain certain amounts of strength and health in order to keep living a healthy life. We have the ability to adapt to certain movements to create that vital part of our strength and muscle building in all sorts of directions. The biggest benefits are building that level of hormones in the body that help heal the body, gain health, build strength, look younger and build a sustainable level of energy.

One of the biggest issues in this country is the growing concern of obesity, especially in children from toddler to teenager. Today, kids have way too many gadgets and don’t see the reason to exercise because it’s too hard and doesn’t have an updated app for what they can do. I loved running around when I was a kid, playing tag, playing ball and chasing the other kids around. I’m nearly 30 and when I was little the internet started to really take off, texting wasn’t around much yet, ipods and ipads didn’t exist yet and social networking was no where near the level is at now.

Like other young teenagers I did eat a lot and quite a bit was junk food and got pudgy for a few years. Kids should have fun with their exercise and I feel if they want to use those little weird ass gadgets, they should earn them with exercising but not let them know. Have them do little games that involve moving around. Not many kids like P.E because certain teachers just don’t know a damn thing about how to get into a kids psyche (and really who wants to) but still. Help them make their exercise fun instead of seeing it as boring or a punishment because god forbid they screw up and have to run a stupid mile to make up for it.

The kids do have a chance to make things right for this country, some of them are very smart and have a hell of a future but there are the few that need that extra nudge just a small one to get them going and studies have shown that exercise increases brain function, coordination skills, motor skills and how to follow a structure of rules and teamwork, Animal Exercise gives these attributes in more ways than one and it helps them use their imagination. Isn’t it about time to give these kids something to look forward to instead of unintentionally pushing them away from it?

A key attribute to doing Animal Fitness whether you’re a beginner or an advanced trainee is that you can create your workout any way you want, want to move around like a bear? Just do bear crawls in any direction you want and go as fast or slow that your body can handle, like Isometrics? Hold certain positions for time or very slow steps like for example an alligator walk, press your body into the ground for 5 seconds, take a step and repeat until you have felt enough, that alone can be one hell of a workout. There is no right or wrong to what you do, if you have the basics down you’re on your way to learning how to adjust your own style in other terms Self Mastery.

A final and important attribute you want to achieve in building a foundation and beyond for your training is to be open with the mindset of a wild animal. Don’t just go through the motions, you can if you want to get the exercise down but once you have it, think like that wild animal. Picture yourself out in the wild as either prey or the predator and just let things go wild. Imagination is very important like the legendary PT Barnum once said “Imagination Is The Elixir Of Life.”

Don’t look at it as a workout but as if you’re having fun, playing and being warm inside because when you learn it from that perspective, your body moves better, your emotions are higher, your zest for life increases which also means your results will come quicker and you will achieve a level of fitness you never thought you can get. Be wild and have fun”

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