Tuesday, March 31, 2009

à la carte: our budget-priced training program

à la carte   /ˌɑ lə ˈkɑrt, ˌælə; Fr. a la ˈkart/ Show Spelled Pronunciation [ah luh kahrt, al-uh; Fr. a la kart] Show IPA
–adjective, adverb with a separate price for each dish offered on the menu: dinner à la carte.

Our definition--
Pick any one of our training programs, such as Complete Core, Kettlebells, etc. and train twice a week for only $50/person plus tax per month.
Open gym/skills practice time is included.
Note: Not to be combined with other discounts.
Now that's a real stimulus package!!!!!!!

Starts April 1, 2009
No fooling!

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