Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Why sports bras are important during training

reprinted with permission from Laura
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(July article)
Alright's sports bra time!! This portion of the website will be dedicated to everything Sports Bra related. A different bra will be featured every month in addition to bra and breast facts that your mama didn't tell you. But before we jump into straps, cups and is time for BREAST 101!!!
Each breast sits on top of your pectoralis muscles on top of your rib cage. They are made up of milk ducts, glandular tissue and fat. The breast is attached to your chest by the Cooper's ligament (oh the things they didn't teach in high school health). Ligaments are what connect bone to bone at your joints...think about your knees, hips and shoulders. Ligaments are tough and fibrous and are designed to hold things in place. If they were stretchy and flexible, knee caps and arms would be popping out all over the place. Ewww. So what is this ligament doing in my breast? Holding it up!
But Laura, if the Cooper's ligament is holding up my breast, why am I terrified that my boobs will be at my knees when I'm sixty?? Simply put, body parts wear out. We are not designed to last forever. The Cooper's ligament will stretch and lengthen over time due to age, breast-feeding, high impact activities and gravity. The result is a not-so-perky rack in our dotage. That is where a great sports bra comes into play. Sports bras are designed to hold the breast in place during activities. The less your breasts move, bounce and pull on those ligaments, the better for your breasts. Not all sports bras are created equal and not all breasts are the same size. Here at Fleet Feet Sports, we carry quality sports bras for all types of activities and all sizes of breasts. Every staff member is trained in bra measurement and can help put you in the bra that will fit your breasts and your lifestyle. That is our FIT-losophy; finding shoes, socks, clothing and sports bras that fit your body as well as your life.

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