Monday, May 31, 2010

results from the challenge

We had our fitness challenge yesterday at beautiful Lido Beach
(thank GOD there is no oil on our beach), the weather was perfect we even had some dolphins & manatees swim by.There were some small waves, all was perfect for our event.
This was the 2nd Annual Beach Bum Fitness Challenge we have held, plus we've had the Sunset Sand-Blaster Fitness Challenge, also.
Running a beach fitness challenge is not as easy as some might think, but it is well worth doing.
We wanted to stay true to the CrossFit training principles but do some things most people don't do during regular training.
You can watch both parts of our video here
Boogie Board Sprints, Swimming, Aqua Burpees & Power Snatches, 80lb Sandbag Run, and other demanding events took place over a span of about 2 1/2 hours or so.
Some of our visitors had never done this type of stuff before, but gave it their best.
Our 2-person teams were ready to begin then we realized we had some people missing, but after some quick substitutions, we went ahead.
The winning team consisted of our own Greg Braun and willing volunteer named Pascal.
They made a great combination, and took grabbed a big lead during the Hoover Ball event. Both men were very agile & fast.
I don't know too much about Pascal's training background, but he's in great shape.
Greg has an extensive law enforcement & combatives/martial arts background, as well as about a year of CrossFit.
We were blessed to have other dedicated CrossFitters like my assistant trainer Nash, Renee, Seth,& Trent come out to have some "crazy fun in the name of fitness".
Great job everyone!

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