Friday, July 15, 2011

Summer Gut Check

Okay, now that we're really into the summer months, it's time to re-assess your training priorities, give yourself a gut check.
What are your reasons to workout?
What are you willing to fight for?
Who are you willing to get healthy for?
What does it take to make you quit?
Everyone who train with us consistently is making great progress!
They are leaner, more powerful, more confident, and more capable of handling whatever life throws at them.

Our military folks really know the value of this, but those here state-side need to also.
In order to keep our standards high, we periodically speak to those who are lagging behind due to lack of effort, and may have to delete their memberships.
Our members should all be hard-chargers, without our needing to give them a reason to train; they should already know deep inside what drives them on.

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