Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Why sometimes you need to “kick” your friends to wake them up

First of all, excuse my rant, but I am really ticked off about the way people neglect their health.
If this offends anyone, too bad.
Am I mad? Yes! Here’s why—
Another friend of mine who will remain anonymous has just had a heart attack. I underlined “another”, because there is a growing list of them. None of them are old, all of them have simple not taken care of themselves. Simple neglect, period.
So what does simple neglect look like?
• Excessive booze
• Smoking
• Junk food
• No exercise
• Lack of sleep
• Poor stress management
• Lack of discipline
• Laziness
Like I said, this is true, so let the chips fall where they will. I used to be fat, so I can and will say this loud and clear.
Sometimes I almost wish they weren’t people I knew, maybe I wouldn’t be so upset about it.
However, they are people close to me so I guess I’ll get “boot of compassion” shined up for a good solid kick in the attitude.
Wake up! You are killing yourself slowly day by day and living a sub-standard life in the meantime.
I’ve heard all the excuses so many times it makes me want to puke. The excuses never change, just the people who are using them.
Sometimes I ask GOD to keep them alive in spite of the fact that they have done nothing to take care of themselves (and they wonder why they had a heart attack---------duh)
Listen people, if you are one of the people I am describing here, I hope it makes you mad enough to do something about improving your health. There is hope, but you have to participate. You cannot just download a healthy body. You have to get off your lazy back-side and do the work!
Don’t waste your breath giving people who care about you excuses about your laziness, which is often disguised with—
• I’m too busy
• I’m too old
• I have kids
• I go to school
• I’m too tired
• It’s too hard
• It’s too expensive
And a host of other really lame “reasons”.
Now, if you have a friend or loved one who is like this and you don’t know what to say to them, or if you’re afraid they won’t like you any more if you said these things to them, there’s a simple solution. Just print this article and give it to them, then they can blame me, not you, for the hard truth.
They just might wake up and change enough things in their lives to make a difference.
Signed by the “used to be fat kid” who grew up to be a strength & conditioning coach,
Frank DiMeo
Owner, CrossFit Gulf Coast

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