Saturday, May 15, 2010

How Open Gym works

As you, not all CrossFit gyms are alike, nor should they be.
So here's a brief overview of what we do at CrossFit Gulf Coast.
First, this is our full-time job; not "something else we do".
As the owner and head trainer, I am committed to making sure everyone who comes to
train with us will get our full attention.
Since most of our time is designated as "Open Gym", let me explain to you how that works.
Our primary training focus is the Workout of the Day (WOD) as designated by CrossFit on the main website.
Each person can do that workout any choose time they choose during our extensive Open Gym hours.
I am their to give instruction on request to each person, and I my assistant, Josh Nash
(CF Level-1) is also available.
All a person has to do is ask for help any time during those hours and they will get it.
Whether it is Olympic Weightlifting, kettlebells, bodyweight exercises or any other CrossFit exerecise, we will help them; that is why we are there!
The newest people will find our CrossFit Elements class very helpful for the first few weeks, and they can still use Open Gym hours for more help if they want it.
More experienced CrossFitters can go full-blast at the WOD any time during Open Gym.
We are there for you!

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