Saturday, May 15, 2010

We were among the first 50 to become CF affiliated

Here's the order of the original CF gyms (in sequence of affiliation)
CrossFit Affiliates
CrossFit HQ
CrossFit Seattle -Seattle, WA
Agoge Gym -Woodinville, WA
CrossFit East -Jacksonville, FL
CrossFit Kansas City -Prairie Village, KS
Brand X Martial Arts -Ramona, CA
Rocky Mountain CrossFit -Golden, CO
Rainier CrossFit -Puyallup, WA
CrossFit-Mike's Gym -Vista, CA
CrossFit Los Angeles -Santa Monica, CA
CrossFit Milwaukee -Milwaukee, WI
HyperFit USA -Ann Arbor, MI
CrossFit Vancouver -Vancouver, BC
The Pit -Arroyo Grande, CA
CrossFit HB -Huntington Beach, CA
CrossFit Southwest -Tempe, AZ
CrossFit NYC -New York, NY
CrossFit London -London England
Team CrossFit Academy-Monrovia, CA
CrossFit Chicago -Chicago, IL
CrossFit Gymert -Nederland
CrossFit Boston -Boston, MA
Valley CrossFit -Los Angeles, CA
CrossFit Toronto -Toronto, Ontario
CrossFit Rockford -Rockford, IL
CrossFit Portland -Portland, OR
CrossFit Boulder Creek -Boulder Creek, CA
CrossFit Atlanta -Atlanta, GA
CrossFit Oakland -Oakland, CA
CrossFit Oklahoma -McAlester, OK
CrossFit San Diego -San Diego, CA
CrossFit Pierce County -Tacoma, WA
CrossFit Plano -Plano, TX
San Francisco CrossFit -San Francisco, CA
CrossFit Gulf Coast -Sarasota, FL


Michael said...

What is the source for this list. I think Ranier was before Brand X and Boulder. Kurtis and Laurie from Ranier were in my cert class along with TJ (Crossfit East) and Michael Rutherford (Crossfit Kansas City). We were one of the first cert classes.

Unknown said...

This list is on the main CF website, it was copied and pasted here