Tuesday, June 15, 2010

the best training value in Sarasota

It would be a shame for people in this area not to know about the great training value we provide at CrossFit Gulf Coast.
Our Open Gym Pass provides one month of small-group coaching, with two CrossFit Trainers there throughout the day for $50 (no contract)
You can train any time during our extensive Open Gym hours and get lots of great pointers from myself or my assistant trainer, often both of us.
At times, you might be the only one training, and guess what? You get one-on-one coaching at a fraction of the cost of "personal training".
If you don't already train with us, do your "homework", and you'll probably come here once you know what else is available.
We were the 35th licensed & affiliated CrossFit gym in the world, that's no joke.
We are not new at this.
Through mutual respect with my friend, Tony Spain, you can train at his gym if you belong to ours at no extra charge. We also do the same for his clients.
That's two gyms for the price of one, and you get to work with the people who brought this type of training to Sarasota in the first place.

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