Saturday, June 19, 2010

Here's a few words from Bud Jeffries

"Come to the most innovative and ground breaking strongman seminar you've ever been to. Taught by world champions, world record holders and strongmen - Bud Jeffries and Scott Weech. This seminar will cover old time strongman and historical strongman training and implements as well as new school competitive strongman t...raining and integration of multiple other sport purposes.

Covered will be barbell, partial rep training for super strength as well as strongman. Also odd object lifting, logs, rocks, barrels, thick bars, yoke walk, farmers walk, sled dragging, tire flipping, steel bending, hammers, maces, clubs and how to train all these for both maximum strength, muscle and an incredible level of super fitness most people have never thought of.

During the day we'll do unique workouts that no one has ever seen before. Come and learn more than you ever thought possible from this unique style of training that everyone is doing, but no one really knows how to do correctly. Learn it the right way and supercharge your results.

Also take advantage of the first of this year's seminars at an introductory discount price. Don't miss it!"

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