Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Cave Strong--Don't put limits on your training

I had the opportunity to get involved with CrossFit, before it was cool, way back in 2005.
Actually, I found it in 2004, but didn't start  training until the next year.
I stayed on the message board, and learned everything I could as I was investigating , then took the plunge.

My wife and I flew to the original CrossFit in Santa Cruz, CA and spent 3 days under the instruction of Coach Greg Glassman. Being the leader that he is, I remember him talking about someday someone would be better at some aspect of training than we were. He said we'll learn from them and incorporate it into CrossFit.  He stressed "broad, general, and inclusive" fitness; learning and growing continually.
I knew that was a very insightful approach.

Years later, I was watching Dave Castro on a video talking about learning from credible non-CrossFit coaches. In fact, he encouraged it.
Westside Barbell is a good example. Now, AJ Roberts teaches powerlifting seminars for CrossFit.
How cool is that?

Strongman training was added through Rob Orlando, which was great!
Other notable coaches, like Zach Even-Esh, Jeff Martone, George Ryan, Brian MacKenzie to name a few have all influenced CrossFit over the ears in a very positive way.

We incorporate all these various elements of training at our CrossFit gym.
I refuse to put limitations on our training!

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