Sunday, October 13, 2013

Cave Strong--overview of our seminars since 2007

Just thinking back about the seminars I have had at my gym over the years, with non-CrossFit coaches, and what came out of them.
We hosted a few excellent CrossFit Certs. also, with Jeff Martone /CrossFit Kettlebell and George Ryan/ CrossFit Striking, which were excellent.
When I did our first Strongman seminar with Tom Mitchell in 2007, we only had a handful of athletes attend, Elliott Hulse and Ryan Magin were there.
When we hosted Bud Jeffries and Scott Weech, still only a handful attended. One was Josh Martin who now owns CrossFit For Glory.
When we hosted Dave Schmitz same thing, only a few showed for that excellent event.
When we hosted John Brookfield, the founder of Battling Ropes, just a few athletes/coaches were there, like Julio Anta & Bud Jeffries.
When we hosted Rich Lansky, same thing. The numbers have always been low, but the quality of those who attended has been exceptional.
When we hosted Sincere Hogan, only a few attended to learn from him.
When we hosted Aly Willier, same thing again.
Same with Chuck & Vanessa Bennington ( who are on the CrossFit Seminar Instructor Team).
The same thing happened with Iron Brawl today, a handful of dedicated athletes were there who will dominate their competition over the course of time.
Carlos "Bar-Bender" Gonzalez already holds an RPS record for Masters Deadlift, and Chris Manco will also make his presence know in competition in the near future.
Tom Mitchell once said, in his Strongman manual, that many could be that strong, but most don't want to work that hard. He was right!
I'll always be thrilled to work with the "dedicated, coachable few".
They listen and they know what work really means!

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